Forum Rules & Guidelines

Dear DiapointME Community Members,

DiapointME is a community for people touched by diabetes – people with diabetes, their family, friends, caretakers or anyone that would like to share relevant news, questions or happenings about diabetes.  

Images can be shared in the community, but must be done so through sharing image links via or similar programs. This is to prevent the spread of any viruses to our users.

Please ensure that posts are appropriate, respectful and free of profanity or other negative content. The DiapointME community is NOT for spam, promotion, or advertisements. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted immediately. Posters who violate these guidelines will be blocked immediately.

Discussions in this forum are not professional medical advice. Follow up with your doctor, nurse, nutritionist or other qualified diabetes expert about your care.

If you would like to promote any diabetic relevant product or material here or work with DiapointME on an initiative, please send us an email at [email protected] for consideration. Thank you!