By Pam Durant  /  February 15, 2018

My Diabetes Mantras

What is my diabetes mantra? Good question. I think it changes often. After experiencing a couple of DKAs, and stubborn insertion sites that have tried my patience, I have often resorted to the What goes up, must come down mantra.   The song Spinning Wheels plays in my head often.     I don't sing this out loud for my son, nor do I even say it, but it is in my head.  A gentle reminder to my impatient, frustrated internal mind.   I just take a deep breath, and know that eventually, the number on the blood sugar meter will come down to something acceptable. And if it doesn't come down, I pop the analogous blood sugar balloon with an injection to ensure it...
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By Pam Durant  /  February 1, 2018

Identify With it, But Don’t Let it Define You – My Diabetes Motto

Identify with it, but don't let it define you. I decided that this is one of my diabetes mottos for my child.  Last week was Sports Day at my son's school. As I watched he and his classmates enjoy the day, one thing that struck me was how much my son had grown and how strong and coordinated he is now. Just a few weeks before his 7th birthday, he participated in eight different events and not once did he complain, lose interest or even seem tired. He did his best every time and was also supportive of his teammates. As we headed home, I started to think about this. Outside of checking his blood sugar at the break, and...
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By Pam Durant  /  January 24, 2018

The Diabetes Roller Coaster

I often use a roller coaster analogy to explain to doctors and nurses about the true grief process of a parent after their child receives a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. It's now been 8 years since my son's diagnosis. These days, when I see a roller coaster, although I am reminded of that initial period of shock and grief, the analogy strikes me a little differently. The diabetes roller coaster 8 years on is more about the ups and downs of overcoming fear or dealing with stubborn blood sugars. I always see these monster roller coasters my son wants to ride and think... geez, is this a good idea? I am a little scared for some reason. I have my...
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By Pam Durant  /  January 18, 2018

Can’t – The Four-Letter Word That No Person with Diabetes Should Use

A little while back, someone in the Diabetic Online Community suggested we write about a particularly inspirational topic. The topic was "I can." There are so many things a person with diabetes can do. Diabetes should not stand in anyone's way. So I want to share an experience I wrote about last year. Although it happened some time ago, I still feel very strongly about this subject. When A Child with Diabetes Says "I Can't", It's Heartbreaking. About a year or two after diagnosis, my son told me that he could not do something. He said "I can't".  I do not even remember exactly what it was he thought he couldn't do, but all of my hair stood up on...
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By Pam Durant  /  January 4, 2018

Hakuna Matata: Diabetes Management for the New Year

In diabetes management, it's easy to be swept away by overwhelm. But it is possible to have a Zenful approach to living with diabetes. Hakuna Matata!
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By Pam Durant  /  December 31, 2017

A Guitar And Some Freedom

My son has been asking to start guitar lessons for the last several months. For as long as I have known him, he has loved music. We decided to buy him a guitar for Christmas.  We found a great guitar teacher who came for a trial lesson. He teaches electric guitar. We were all anticipating he would teach him classic guitar first, but after the first lesson when he played a few chords of Deep Purple, and then some AC/DC, game over. My son wanted an electric guitar. A few days later the guitar teacher met us at a local guitar shop to help us select one that was good quality. My son looked at a variety of guitars. Held them,...
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By Pam Durant  /  December 23, 2017

Blood Sugar and the Holiday Season

Managing blood sugar during the holiday season can be stressful. It's a time of year when normal eating habits go out the window. How do you handle it?
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By Pam Durant  /  December 10, 2017

When Your Diabetic Child Is Scared Of Needles

Even though Type 1 diabetic children put up with several needles of different kinds daily, the blood draw is a difficult one for many. My son was quite young at diagnosis, so finding those little veins has been difficult. So difficult that at diagnosis, the neonatal nurse in the hospital struggled to draw blood from his little 20-month old body. Years after that, other phlebotomists and determined physicians also struggled. As a result, his fear of needles has been even greater than it might otherwise have been.   What can you do if your diabetic child is scared of needles? My son's fear of needles is one situation that stumps me. There is nothing I can really do or say...
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By Pam Durant  /  December 3, 2017

Unsolicited Advice for Managing Diabetes

If you're a diabetic, chances are you've received some unsolicited advice for managing diabetes from well-meaning people. Let us know what you've been told!
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By Pam Durant  /  November 26, 2017

Finding Gratitude in the Diabetic World

A couple of days ago we celebrated American Thanksgiving. Every year, the same 25 or so children and adults come to our home for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Although I am the only one among the group who grew up in America, we are all always very thankful for this gathering and the special things in our lives.  Even though it can sometimes be hard to say gratitude and diabetes in the same sentence, I am thankful for many things it has given me: appreciation for health, the amazing people I have met as a result of this journey, those who are working diligently to find a cure. And I am thankful that we have access to the current technology...
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