* Chronic Disease Management, Compliance & Role of Home Care Services

Pam Durant

Mar 17, 2017 – Manzi Home Healthcare Conference

Pam Durant joins a panel discussion about motivating and treating chronic disease patients in a home healthcare setting. 

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* Diabetes – What You Need to Know

Pam Durant

Nov 23, 2016 – Presentation at Zayed University for Diabetes Awareness Month, Dubai, UAE

Pam Durant provides an overview to over 200 students about diabetes, what it is, the different types and how it is managed, and some of the misconceptions about the disease. It also emphasizes the reality that anyone can live a full life with diabetes if they manage it properly and seek the correct medical advice.


*Diabetes – Why Your Work Matters

Pam Durant

Nov 13, 2016 – Presentation to Middle East employees at Eli Lilly 2016 Diabetes Day

Pam Durant’s presentation highlights what life is like for a diabetic, and the many challenges and misconceptions they face on a daily basis. While diabetes is a very personal disease as each diabetic is different, awareness is still important and the work of those that go into making the life-saving medications diabetics need is important and significant.


* The Challenges of Diabetes at School: The Parent’s Perspective

Pam Durant

Oct 14, 2016

While highlighting the challenges for the diabetic child at school, Pam Durant educates school nurses about the tools and requirements to manage diabetes in the education environment. Nurses learn about the impact of Diabetic Medical Management Plans, Communication, Advocacy, Emergency Preparation and Coordination to support students and be the liaison between parents, teachers and others.


* Challenges of Diabetes Management: Parent’s Perspective

Pam Durant

Jan 15, 2016 – Lilly Diabetes – “Share The Magic – Beyond Medicine”

Pam Durant’s history of her time as a diabetic caretaker to date, and lessons learned in a caretaker and healthcare delivery context – presented to healthcare providers.


* Facing Challenges of Diabetes: From the Parents’ Perspective

Pam Durant

Jun 13, 2015 – Presentation at ISAPD/ASPED/Lilly Diabetes Postgraduate Course, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pam Durant’s overview of the day-to-day challenges of managing a Type 1 Diabetic. This presentation provides further insight into what happens after the patient leaves the clinical exam, including challenges and psychological issues faced.

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* Diabetes & The Patient Experience

Pam Durant

May 3, 2014 – Presentation at the Lilly Diabetes Summit, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pam Durant’s presentation about the patient experience and indicators that define a positive patient experience.